Cardiac Output Monitor - ECOM

Minimally invasive cardiac output monitoring device

ECOM®, (Endotracheal Cardiac Output Monitoring) is for use on intubated patients and allows the clinician to manage the patient using information derived from a core monitoring location in close proximity to the ascending aorta. ECOM is straightforward to operate and gives real-time, accurate information

for patient hemodynamic optimization. The system is automatic and self-adjusting for positional changes allowing the clinician to focus on the patient instead of the device. ECOM provides the cardiac output, stroke volume variation and systemic vascular resistance to be used as part of Goal Directed Therapy protocols.


Cardiac Monitoring Using an ET Tube.

  • Cardiac Output
  • Stroke Volume Variation
  • Systemic Vascular Resistance

ECOM – It’s our idea of easy!

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Goal Directed Therapy Using an ET Tube.

  • Cardiac Index
  • Core Readings
  • Stroke Volume Variation
  • ECOM- Real time. Really!

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Minimally Invasive

Accurate, Safe & Reliable

Continuous & Real Time


Easy to Place in Use